Saturday, April 30, 2011

I've gone Goth ! New layout

Tonights addition is in the layout .It is written in the credits and amazingly talented and generous Doris's Blog can be found in the blogs ı am following.Lots and lots of amazing free scrapkits.
For the curious the kits i used in the banner and layout are : Goth Soul and My Gothic Hour .She has kits for every taste though .
Demonic cuties are from Fred Winkler and thats an CDO artist.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A tag and 2 versions of another tag

Well title says it all .I have this one Cazenave tag and then the 2 versions of a Cuddly tag
Ay ! I know too late for Easter tags but dang this Bunny of Cuddly's is so awesome :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

two new tags

Tonight there are just these two new tags one springy the other summery 
I usually mix and match stuff but in the Cazenave tag i used a Scrap Dimensions scrap kit : Longing for spring ( in the Jo Lynch tag i used a Delicious scrap kit : Fresh ( both are among my favorite designers but there are many more ı love. Thanks God there are many many talented people out there .A big thanks goes to all scrap kit designers.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kate Lightfoot

Ms. Kate Lightfoot is another talented artist which allows us hobbiests to use her art in our tags so ... Before she changes her mind  here is a tag to showcase her beautiful work :)

Btw Happy Easter !


Thank you Hellonlegs and ı wish you well

One of the very talented artists who has been very generous and has let her art be used for free unfortunately revoked her permission .Of course she has every right to decide what to do with talent but it is not posibble not to be upset. For the time being she allows previously made tags to be used .Well i had some and since ı am not in any group for a while ı want to place them here for any posibble passerby to know abt. and enjoy her art. Thank you Hellonlegs .You are awesome.
She still makes art though and you can check her work from her deviantart page.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Richter tag

Just one tag .My eyes hurt badly.Need to sleep .Yawn !

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dirk Richter tag and House of Mirth

I had a very tiring week but Tomorrow i'll have a long breakfast with my family then go watch one of my most fav. movies which is based on one of my most fav. novels with a bit weird but precious friend of mine.
Right now i am trying to relax and making a tag helped.Here it is fresh from the owen.Afterwards i guess i'll listen some music and sleep .God watch me and my beloved while i am sleeping.

Btw : Name of the book and movie is '' House of Mirth '' Writer : Edith Wharton ,Director : Terence Davies
Dear Gillian Anderson is Lily Bart

Thursday, April 14, 2011

sweet songs bitter beer

it is dead of night and ı am listening to music and sipping my chilly beer .Can it be called drunk texting ?! Nope cos ı am not even slightly drunk .I love drinking but ı hate to get drunk so ı just dont get :) Started writing while listening to Blake Shelton's sweet song '' who are you when ı am not looking '' , now whats on is if anyone may get curious ;) Tim Mc Graw's '' Still ''. Goes well in the still of the night


There is comfy solitude in my blog .There is noone.I can just sit relax and look at the screen .Then there is this if ı get bored ı can always type some nonsence :) ı still hold myself a little though to be true ı am one of those paranoid types.Somebody sometime can sneak in. I just dont want to say ( that is type ) smt that may hurt the posibble passerby's naive heart or pride .I just cant believe internet is smt this silly but some part of it is silly in a good way. Freedom of speech ( as long as you dont get restricted/banned for some stupid reason ) Is someone getting paranoid again ? Uhm ?
anyways ı like it here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

more tags

just more tags just bcs ı could not sleep

some more of old stuff

a coupla of old banners of mine which i still love .They tell abt what i like dont they ? Yeah ! Like anybody would care


My head aches badly and i feel so tired yet ... Here is a brand new banner .I have just seen this awesome movie '' Little white lies '' ı mean recently uhm it was last week ı guess .I am a bit confused though.Anyways there were lots and lots of awesomeness in this film.M.Magimel was just one.

Monday, April 11, 2011

fanart meets tagging sooo innovative :)

plain fanart, banners and such + fanart tagging ?! Yeah ! I invented this NOT ! All in all they are just tags with celebs.To be safe . I dont make profit pls dont sue .

somebody pls tell me why ı write in caps ?! Somebody smr or many bodies manywhr told that it is like shouting :) Well ı did not have such intension unless i have some kind of neurotic problem that i am not aware of .Not that i think anybody would care but tagging and fanart is my hobby .I will hate to credit every dot and every line i put in my graphs just bcs it'll be too time consuming .For a summary of the prev.: in tags i use CILM ( now closed ) and CDO artists which are credited on the tags or i use artists that allow which are credited on the graphs and tags as well .If you see yours or somebodys art in these which is uncredited or credited wrong way feel free to tell  me and i'll either amend or delete.Pls do not hack or slash my blog for such silly reason. Other stuff like scrap kits and elements are free stuff ( mostly ).I'll try to list my fav. resources links well as soon as ı have the energy.Promise.
As you are most possibly aware English is my foreign language and ... I write in English bcs ı have friends from different nationalities and ı am sure of one thing my English can not be worse than online , instant translaters.I also dont intend to watch out and go check or double check or think too much abt the grammatical or else kind of mistakes i make bcs it so NOT fun and time consuming. I really suggest you to bear with me/my English unless some mistake i make happens to be a matter of life and death to you. In that case dont lose sleep over it just tell me :)
See at least ı managed to quit capitals in my 2nd only post .Good sign i hope :/
here are more tags which are old thingies so mostly CILM artists.